Fashion & Model Work


Yulia – The Factory Yulia – Winter Jackie – Chill

Fashion Reel Fashion Review FLP – Union Station Fashion Review FLP – 2015

Sarah Spring Beauty – Scarritt Bennett Center Yulia – Summer

Alex Jackie – The Factory Alissa

Dreaming Beauty Fashion Concept Film – FLP Veni Vici Clothing

Arin – Tribe Agency Yulia – Closeups Fashion Review FLP – 2017



Music Videos & Live Performances – 
Multi-Camera – 3/4/ 5 Camera Productions! 


Catie Offerman – Live Performance Video Alicia Michilli (America’s Got Talent)
 Mando Blues Radio Show 2014
Catie Offerman – Live Performance Video

Blues Band – Performance Video
Concert Performance  Blues Band – Performance Video

Bluebird Cafe – Katie Bernard Tootsies Featured Singer, Nial  3-Camera Performance Video

Music Video Idaflower – Injury 2-Camera – Club Shoot

Snake Farm Jam Excerpt – 4 Cameras Adley Stump (The Voice Fame) Excerpt Bekah Performance Sync

Johnny Blackburn – Downey Daze Tootsies Featured Singer, Emmy World Renowned Tuvan Throat Singers



Dance & Performance


Cirque Du Soleil Performers
Alicia / Adrienn
Bailey Session Highlights Bailey – Study In Motion

Highlights – “Us” “Vintage” Cut From The Film “Register”

Victoria Ballet Excerpt – Multi-Camera Jordan





Celebrity / Promo Celebrity / Promo Celebrity / Interview



Nature Cinematography


Autumn Wildflowers – High Frame Rate St. Johns River The Forgotten